How to Fit a Clip On Tonneau Cover

Posted by Aussie Tonneaus - August, 12

Fitting an Aussie Tonneaus Clip On Tonneau Cover.

Fitting an Aussie Tonneaus Clip On Tonneau Cover to a Current Toyota SR5 Hilux without sports bars.

If your tub has sports bars, the installation is very similar - Instead of one-piece rails along the sides of the tub, you will have two pieces that will need to be riveted to the tub.

Step 1: Attach the side aluminium rails. 0:07

Step 2: Drill & Rivet the aluminium rails. 0:40

Step 3: Attach the bar bracket. 1:17

Repeat Steps 1-3 for the other side of the vehicle.

Step 4: Fit the tailgate aluminium rail. 1:42

Step 5: Fit the adjustable support bar. 2:32

Step 6: Fit the cover. 2:45

Step 7: How to remove the cover. 3:12